2013: A Turning Point for Kentucky Hemp

Kentucky Hemp field 1989We’ve reached a turning point for the Bluegrass State!

This year, Kentucky passed a bill to allow for regulation of industrial hemp! Senate Bill 50, sponsored by Senator Paul Hornback, allows the regulation of Kentucky hemp in the event that the federal government decide to lift its ban on the crop.

Governor Steve Beshear has allowed the bill to become law, and the time has come to move forward from legislation to action.

Kentucky for Hemp will continue to push for accessible hemp seed and will fight for the removal of industrial hemp from the United States Controlled Substances Act.

This is a challenge that can’t be won with ONLY activism and political involvement.

This is a challenge that will be fueled by industry AND activism.

There is still a long way to go. There are many issues which need to be addressed in Kentucky, from pension reform to the budget, and to rebuilding a new Kentucky based on the philosophy of our ancestors.

Kentucky should be a place where family farms are the norm. Where small business can flourish in spite of a poor business environment. Where families are able to support themselves in the midst of a failing economy. And a place where healthy food and clean, diverse, renewable energy can grow in our own backyard!

We now have the framework for a society that could –potentially– support itself from cradle to grave.

In order for Kentucky to become the leader in hemp production, processing, and industry, we will need an organization that is capable of protecting our seed from bureaucrats, the only natural enemy hemp has ever had.

We will need the passion of our hemp warriors to be sure that everyone gets a fair shake at growing, selling, or manufacturing hemp!

This coalition can not succeed without your help. We need to share the news that the hemp industry is welcome, and will be readily supported in Kentucky. We need to shout it far and wide across the country, and let the world know that we stand together, ready to meet the future head on!

It’s our time to make a name for this state! To prove to the world that Kentucky is known for more than moonshine and horses….that we are an agricultural powerhouse and a force to reckoned with. A force that can release our people from the bondage of foreign oil and toxic food! And a force that can lead our children back into economic prosperity through the healing of the earth and its people.

Will you stand with me? Will you help Kentucky for Hemp create an ideal business environment for hemp farmers and manufacturers by working to remove the barriers that have been built by the petro-pharma-military industrial complex? The barriers that keep natural, healthy choices away from our dinner table and our medicine cabinets. The barriers that keep our families and children indebted to the fiat-based financial system that caused this mess in the first place?

If you are ready to fight and win this battle, then join Kentucky for Hemp by leaving a comment below. Become a hemp warrior today!

Katie Moyer

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