Are Your Bank Deposits Safe?


Most people are not aware that the “Dodd-Frank Act” enacted in July, 2010 authorizes banks to confiscate depositor accounts in the event of another banking crisis! If you are not aware of the term “Bail-In” versus “Bail-Out” you should be!

Are your bank deposits safe? Not as long as the provisions of Dodd-Frank allow your deposits to be used to bail-out (bail-in) failing banks.

If nothing is done your deposits can be used to bail out the banks when the “next major bank failure” occurs.

See YouTube Video: Money is not safe in big banks!

CALL Senator Mitch McConnell
Louisville Office: (502) 582-6304
Washington DC Office: (202) 224-2541

Ask him if he opposes or supports using your checking and savings deposits to bail out failing banks?

Ask what action he will take to protect your deposits?

Then call your favorite newspaper, radio or TV news department and ask them why the people have not been adequately informed of this!
Isn’t this “news” that should be reported widely?

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