We planted the seed!

It finally happened! Today I was honored to be a part of the first legal planting of hemp seed in Christian County Kentucky in over 60 years!

Hemp Seeds

We jumped through the hoops.  We fought long and hard against all odds, and finally succeeded in planting Industrial Hemp for a KY Agriculture Department pilot program!  We weren’t the first, and we won’t be the last, but today was truly an historical moment in time! The original plan was to head to Green Dragon Farm in North Christian County, KY and shovel some nutritious llama manure to fertilize the ground for our organic hemp crop.  But once again it seemed like the Universe was working on its own schedule and we were just along for the ride.  The seeds were there, the ground was plowed, disked, and pulverized, and rain was on its way.   It was the perfect scenario and we couldn’t help but take the leap.

Hemp Farmers

Hemp Producer Rachel McCubbin and farmer Scotty Parsons of Tradewater Farm

Thanks to some fine help, and someone who remembers hemp being planted for the war effort, we were able to see these seeds go into the ground at the McCubbin family farm.   It was a phenomenal way to wrap up a long week, and it was a phenomenal way to wrap up a long battle.  This was something that took decades of work from Hempsters across the country, and their dream is almost to fruition.

Hemp seeds!

Hemp seeds ready to be turned into the ground.

There is still much work to be done…We still have to remove Industrial Hemp from the list of Controlled Substances on the federal level.  We are still unable to grow a hemp crop for commercial purposes, only for state-sponsored pilot programs.  In order for us to fulfill the dream of farmers growing hemp, we have to stay on the attack! Today was truly an incredible day, and I can scarcely believe it really happened.  It was a huge victory in the hemp movement, and just one more step in the right direction!   This was a giant leap in the right direction, and a direction which will lead to more jobs, industries, and self-sufficiency in the state of Kentucky! Stay tuned for more updates! ~Katie

8 comments to We planted the seed!

  • Denny

    Katie and all,
    I really wanted to be there for this historic planting. I understand how events can “run themselves .” How can a free people allow themselves to be dictated to by overreaching, unconstitutional government? Because we been trained to… What we grow on our farms is way beyond the privy of a government based on natural law.
    Thanks for all the hard work – guys and girls – who have made this step possible!

  • Miranda

    Congratulations! Very inspiring, and thank you for your efforts.

  • 808hawaii

    Right behind you! The Hawai’i legislature just passed a bill for a two year ‘pilot program’. Congratulations for all of your hard work!

  • Next revolution is to plant hemp by more sustainable means.
    No-till farming.
    Disc planting is one means of achieving that.
    Check this vid from australia.

  • James Baker

    I truly believe that hemp is a very important cash crop for farmers all over the world. My father in law grew hemp on his family farm for many years, in Yugoslavia. The hemp was sent all over to be made into various items, like clothing, rope and tents, etc. We have just discovered many medicinal uses as well. One is to control seizures. Keep up the good fight.


  • Bruce Layne

    Thanks to everyone who worked so diligently to make this happen. I’m encouraged by this major breakthrough, this battle won after a long fight, although I’m depressed by seeing how a crop plant can be outlawed by the stroke of a pen and decades of work are needed to restore the right to simply grow hemp. Harmless, useful hemp. It’s difficult to make progress when the deck is so stacked against liberty and in favor of big government. But huge thanks are due to those who worked so long and hard for this, and continue to work for this cause.

  • juan budz

    i hope the feds don’t ruin your party.It is still classified as an illegal drug. the seed can ‘t be imported . the usda is not giving out import permits.

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