Hemp seeds are sprouting!

The hemp babies are sprouting already!  Yesterday we headed to the hemp farm to spread some fertilizer on a Western Kentucky hemp field.  Weren’t we surprised to find that some of the hemp seeds had started to sprout!


New life, with llama fertilizer.

With the help of some fantastic volunteers, we scooped llama manure and transported it with a tarp and a wheelbarrow.  A little elbow grease and our hemp babies got a fresh helping of nitrogen to boost their growth.


Llama manure is an interesting product.  It comes out in pellets that can be easily transported, and because llamas are ruminants, they completely digest the seeds of the plants they eat.  That means less weeds being grown in their piles.  The manure pellets compost over time, so they act as a time-release fertilizer.


We are so blessed that the McCubbins have opened up their Green Dragon Farm to the Ky Department of Agriculture for this organic research project.  I’m blessed to be a part of it.  To spend my time yesterday doing some manual labor for the good of mankind was truly an honor and a privilege.

Hemp supporters who have been fighting for this issue for years finally seeing the fruits of their labor.

Hemp supporters who have been fighting for this issue for years finally saw the fruits of their labor.

We finished up the work, spreading manure and lime to compare results.  After the fertilizer was spread, there was little else to do but wait for the rain to start.


We had been getting reports of rain, but only saw about 3/4 inches of rain since we planted.  It was enough to get the babies started but they really needed a good drenching.


On the way home from the plot, I was overwhelmed to see an incredible sight.  The sun was cradled in clouds, and beams of light streamed to Earth in every direction.  The clouds were gold and the sky behind it was so blue.


It reminded me of those blue eyes…


So I said, “Norm, can you and Gatewood bring us some rain?  We really need it.”


And what did those ornery fellas bring us?  Tornadoes and straight-line winds with a few inches of rain.  Typical Norm…he brought tornadoes to Frankfort with sparkling blue eyes and a smile 🙂


So here’s to you Norm, Gatewood, Jack, and all the hemp warriors still living among us.  We did it in Kentucky…and we couldn’t have done it without you!


Norman Davis, along with other Hempsters, never saw this work fulfilled.

Norman Davis, along with other Hempsters, never saw his work fulfilled.


1 comment to Hemp seeds are sprouting!

  • Dan Reis

    As someone who canvassed for the international institute for Hemp here in Minneapolis (a brief summer)
    I’m 43 & can’t believe it took 25 (or 80-90) yrs
    Congrats. It’s amazing. I’m a type 1 diabetic vegetarian former greenpeacer. I believe Hemp offers so many solutions it’s mind blowing. I do wish I could just be there apart of history.
    Well done & as I do. Vote for HEMP !

    Yeah !


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