Hemp seeds are sprouting!

The hemp babies are sprouting already! Yesterday we headed to the hemp farm to spread some fertilizer on a Western Kentucky hemp field. Weren’t we surprised to find that some of the hemp seeds had started to sprout! WP_20140604_011[1]New life, with llama fertilizer.With the help of some fantastic volunteers, we scooped llama manure and transported it with a tarp and a wheelbarrow. A little elbow grease and our hemp babies got a . . . → Read More

Hemp Industries Association D.C. Wrap-Up

by G Rob Moseley Rob Moseley, Original Kentucky Hemp Commission member, world traveler, and animal lover! Rob Moseley, Original Kentucky Hemp Commission member, world traveler and animal lover! For the Kentucky hemp industry to prosper on the scale that many of us on the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission envision, it’s imperative that we learn –and share- as much information as we can about existing markets, technologies, and products the world over. The 2013 Hemp Industries Association conference . . . → Read More

Face to Face With the Future of Agriculture

This week I had the honor of meeting with a group of Ag students at Hopkinsville Community College. Their professor asked me to join their Agriculture Issues class to give them a brief introduction to Industrial Hemp and its uses. We had a great class, and I hope they will choose to one day contribute to the growing hemp revolution! If you’ve got a class, organization, or group that would like to learn more about industrial hemp, please email me at katie@kentuckyforhemp.com I’d love to speak with you! Katie The Future of Agriculture . . . → Read More