Be A Hemp Warrior Today! 


Use this Sierra Club form to send a message to TVA. Ask them to invest in hemp and learn how they can blend coal with hemp to make cleaner burning fuel while providing jobs for our farmers and working classes–You’ll have to delete all the feely-good wannabe environmental nonsense out of the letter. Tell TVA that wind and solar power isn’t successful in Kentucky! We should be investing in hemp blends for coal, hemp biodiesel, and hemp ethanol for all our renewable energy needs!

2 comments to Warriors

  • Mose

    Wind and solar not successful?, BS!!

    • Katie Moyer

      Not on a large scale to provide electricity to millions in KY. It works for individuals and businesses. If I can find my annotated copy of the Governor’s Energy Plan from 2008, I will post it in a new blog, showing all the math, and how his plan for wind and solar in KY would provide very little electricity for only a very small handful of homes. The math is there…just need to find the Energy Plan.

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